R.W. Young and Associates, Inc.

R.W. YOUNG AND ASSOCIATES, INC. is a real estate appraisal and consulting firm serving Western Illinois. Since 1986, the appraisal services are grounded in the relentless pursuit of market and cyclical trends. Our specialty is litigation agricultural use appraisals in an eleven county area near our Monmouth, Illinois office.

Secondarily, we provide commercial and residential appraisals in a narrower, more localized market area. This business philosophy provides our clients unsurpassed "geographic competency" for their real estate appraisal and consulting needs.

While neighborhood specific, our services are also wide and diverse.
A non-exclusive listing of appraisal/consulting assignments would include:

Agricultural (Litigation)

   Corn/Soybean Land
   Improved Properties
   Pasture/Recreation Use
   Irrigated Land
   Grain Elevators
   Fertilizer Plants
   Livestock Facilities
   Conservation/Wetland Easements
   Special Use


   Multiple Family
   Vacant Lot
   Special Use


   Single Family
   Vacant Lots

Eminent Domain


Litigation Support

   Expert Witness
   Demonstrative Evidence

Other Services

   Undivided Interest Analysis
   IRS Section 2032A Valuation
   Market Analysis
   Rent and Trend Studies
   Appraisal Review
   Arc View GIS

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